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Prototyze is a rare ‘venture-builder’—less than five of them operate in India—which catalyzes businesses and commits to them through their lifecycle.
In October 2016, we completed two years.

Roughly ten of every hundred start-ups survive for even twelve months. And an even smaller fraction of them receive professional funding. Because turning even one idea into a business is very difficult. Therefore, building an incubator exponentially increases the challenge.

Yet, here we are.

5 companies in 18 months. All of them funded. And each revenue-positive.

With leaders to be proud of and products validated by paying customers.

The road ahead is undoubtedly longer than what is behind us. And more daunting.

But with your support, we hope to see you at ‘Three’.

We're poised to launch Monde Art. A global platform for individuals and institutions to buy, rent or commission art for their homes or offices. And for artists to find global markets.

Here’s a look at those who have already used the pre-launch version of Monde Art to fill their spaces with beauty.



In the last 6 months, mobiefit has tripled its product suite and doubled its users.


mobiefit BODY is an anytime, anywhere, zero-equipment workout companion.

A first-of-its-kind product in the world, it uses the accelerometer, proximity sensor and gyroscope in your phone (Android or ioS, a $100 model or a $1,000 one…) to become the personal trainer in your pocket. It customizes a workout only for you, reminds you when its time, shows you clear video instructions, counts and records your sets and repetitions and encourages you to compete with people.


mobiefit WALK helps you get started with walking.

An exercise form with the easiest on-ramp for getting fit. And the best way to regain your fitness if you’re recovering from an injury or are hampered by a medical condition.



mobiefit also birthed the first Great India Run—a multi-city, cross-India, ultra-running event. Read about it here.

And in case you haven’t seen it already, here’s a video of Milind Soman that went viral. Running barefoot with his mum, 76 year old Usha Soman!




TempoGO is a B2B company with an IoT plus SaaS platform for the Transportation sector.


Our integrated platform connects Vehicles, People and Trips. And dramatically improves the productivity of a commercial vehicle fleet, either passenger or freight.

Our clients are companies that own or operates a fleet of over 25 vehicles—either for their own use or as a commercial transportation offering. Examples? Inter-city bus or taxi operators, corporate employee vehicle fleets, school or college bus fleets, freight transport companies, logistics companies, distribution-centered companies that manage their own fleet…

350+ clients have already used our platform in over 1,800+ inter-city trips, through commercial vehicles that ended-up in 100+ destinations.


HandyTrain is a mobile SaaS platform for corporate training.
In the past 6 months itself, we’ve signed-up over 20,000+ paying users.

Here’s how some of them are using HandyTrain…


The HandyTrain Enterprise Platform 2.0 also allows companies to publish training modules in less than 15 minutes and self-manage their training deployment.


Lumina Datamatics, a specialized global content creation firm has partnered with HandyTrain.

Lumina has over


2,000+ people across 4 off-shore centres


A subsidiary in Germany and multiple sales offices in Europe and the USA.

Lumina will jointly drive users for HandyTrain (the first sign-up is already underway) and their world-class content factory is an excellent partner to provide single-window solutions for corporate training.


HandyTrain for HomeTown won the Gold Award for Employee Engagement at the Asian Customer Engagement Awards (ACEF 2016).


HandyTrain for HomeTown won the Gold Award for Employee Engagement at the Asian Customer Engagement Awards (ACEF 2016).

Loan Singh is our digital platform for frictionless lending.

Driven by a proprietary technology stack that addresses lead origination, credit scoring, risk pricing, loan disbursal and loan repayment, we’ve successfully made hundreds of loans.

And doubled our roll book from the previous quarter to this.

Soumyadip Papai
(Business Analytics–IVY Pro School, Kolkata)

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