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We are a group of five autonomous companies: ScreenRoot, Synapse, Visual Juju, HandyTrain, and Decotarium. ScreenRoot is a UX design agency focussed on human-screen interactions. Synapse is a communication agency that specialises in storytelling for businesses. Visual Juju is a content agency that specialises in video as a format. Decotarium creates decor for business spaces and HandyTrain is a mobile training platform for enterprises. We work independently for the most part but come together quite often to give our clients integrated communication solutions. Sharing a workspace helps us collaborate seamlessly.

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At any given point each one of us is working across multiple projects. So monotony or saturation don’t feature on our list of pet peeves. Whether it’s a digital marketing campaign, website design, a stop-motion film, or a multimedia training module, there’s always a new pie to dip our fingers into.

Yes, we’re nestled in a state known better for its sandy beaches, swaying palms and sweet toddy. No, we don’t work plopped amidst sand dunes and a litter of beer cans. We work for illustrious clients who command serious work and warrant bright careers.

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No two days are the same at our workspace. We are constantly stoking the creative fires and experimenting with new technology. But shussshhh! We can’t tell you about it. Yet.

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The skill and creativity you bring to the table, not your age or qualifications, is what will get you ahead. Brown-nosing your seniors might get you a brownie from the cake shop next door, at the most.

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We are a potpourri of cultures and personalities. From zippy millennials to certified hypnotists to Krav Maga champs. We’ve got them all. So, you’ll never find yourself at a loss for a peppy conversation, design inspiration or life motivation.

You are never more than an hour away from the beach.
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  • Creative Agencies Dinner At A 5 Star
  • Design Goa A Pint Of Beer
  • video agency 1BHK House Rent
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₹ 1200/-

₹ 2500/-

₹ 2000/-

₹ 2500/-

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Or, may be, a lot more. Here are the experiences of a few of the crew.

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write to Gourav Jaswal (Director) at [email protected]

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