Leaders At Prototyze

Meet the spearheaders of Prototyze, a motley crew of creators, doers, and mentors.


Tanmay Modi

Chief Executive Officer
Tanmay leads the team at ScreenRoot, Synapse, and Visual Juju as the Chief Executive Officer. He first worked with our organization in 2002, and after that crammed in diverse experience by working in London, Shanghai, Dubai, and Cape Town across eleven years in a variety of roles from leading teams to delivering knowledge-capital services for enterprise clients.

Hiten Patel

Head of Finance & Accounts
A Chartered Accountant by education, Hiten brings to the table more than ten years of expertise in the domains of Finance, Accounts, Taxation, and Internal Audits. In his me-time, you’ll find him knocking it out of the park at Cricket and Tennis.

Shyam Bandekar

Head of Visual Design
A Communication Designer turned UI Specialist, Shyam left his lucrative job in Mumbai to move back to Goa, where his heart always was. He comes with 15+ years of experience in design and juggles between being a UI Lead Designer for UX Design firm Screenroot and Design Head for Business Communication firm Synapse.

Don Mathew

Head of Experience Design
UX expert with 10 years of experience in interaction & interface design, Don specializes in creating multi-platform digital experiences via user-centred design processes. Don leads the UX Design function at our organization's UX design arm Screenroot, where he leverages his knowledge of human-computer interaction and usability testing to design and audit web apps, mobile apps, and dashboards.

Amit Vengurlekar

Head of Presentation Design
A fine arts graduate, Amit has 17+ years of experience in designing for print and web. Passionate about visual storytelling, Amit has been exploring 3D animation and character design for years. Now, At Prototyze, Amit leads Fully Decked Up, a boutique presentation design service, where he turns PowerPoint presentations into full blown films. Well, almost.

Priyanka Kane

Head of Projects
Priyanka is a Goa Institute of Management (GIM) graduate with 6+ years of experience in managing industry-leading clients. Out of her many skills that include dancing and an insatiable appetite for chicken, she is best known for her resourcefulness and a go-getter attitude.

Ashwini Joglekar

Head of Corporate Management
Ashwini holds a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of Michigan. From being a Licensing Associate with the Technology Transfer Office of the Children’s Hospital, Boston, to managing content for a pharma-intelligence database, to running a scuba diving centre, she has taken on a kaleidoscopic range of responsibilities in the past. A bibliophile in spirit, she‘s more interested in the beginnings of books than endings.

Anubhab Bandyopadhyay

Head of Technology
Building tech-products startups for the past ten years, Anubhab is the technology maven of HandyTrain. Among the many coups under his belt, confounding Wydyl Technologies and Clusto are the most prominent. When he takes off his work-whiz hat you’ll catch him programming, reading, or traveling.

Ralph da Silva

Head of Operations
One of the founding members of HandyTrain, Ralph leads operations. Incidentally, more than nine out of his ten years of experience has been with our organisation. Prior to HandyTrain, he spent three years at Synapse, the Business Communication vertical of Prototyze working with clients such as Microsoft, Sun Pharma and Tech Mahindra on diverse projects. He brings a sharp sense of humor and just as sharp a sense of direction to the helm.