Our Views on Work and Life

13 great restaurants in Goa you probably haven’t heard of

What is Goa but a vibrant celebration of culture, music, and FOOD? Food, glorious food!

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Happily Unbalanced

I have more than one friend working over 200 hours a month consistently, yet having the most glorious time of their life.

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Why NOT to be an Entrepreneur

I have about nineteen cousins in my family that has its roots in Himachal Pradesh. Only two are even in a corporate job. Zero are entrepreneurs.

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The Inglorious Goal of Doing Nothing

At the graduation ceremony of a Yoga school in Goa run by a friend, I met an entrepreneur in his mid-forties. He’d sold his software start-up to a global technology company, moved to Goa and built a spectacular house overlooking the sea.

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The Altar of Bigger

He coined scientific terms like ‘Cloning’ and ‘Coupling Reaction’, conceptually outlined In Vitro fertilization (‘Test Tube babies’), a hydrogen economy, and also the ‘Primordial Soup Theory’ for the origin of life.

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Your Unfair Edge

Why are beautiful women made to feel guilty when their beauty gives them a lead in business?

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