Hello from Goa, India.

We’re a
Venture Studio.

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We’ve built some successful, profitable companies. And killed a few failed ones.

Profitable Companies
Failed Companies
Aborted Ventures

We’re not a Fund.
We don’t Invest in Ventures.
We Build Them.

As a venture studio, we have a ‘Launchpad-to-Escape Velocity’ aspiration.

Companies born at Prototyze have a few advantages.

They benefit from offices and infrastructure, centralized business services (financial, legal, recruitment), experienced advice at key stages, the ability to plug into existing processes, and a bridge to an existing network of Clients, Partners, and (if required) Investors.


Can I hope to lead or co-create a venture at Prototyze?

Our answer is NOT an enthusiastic ‘Yes’. It’s perhaps a guarded ‘Maybe. It depends’. What does it depend on?


Future Ventures

Very often future ventures are born as an initiative. A proposition with its own P&L and its own brand but ring-fenced within an existing company. If the proposition is right it can be spun off as an independent company. If it fails, we bury it wipe our tears, and move on to the next idea.
A Presentation-designing service that creates impactful presentations for important business purposes.
A Report-designing service that creates corporate reports with striking design across print and digital formats.

We don’t shy away from our failures and learnings.

Explore the stories behind how some of our most promising ventures had to cease operations.


How do we think about starting businesses?

We’ve built a company that was kick-started with less than Rs 500,000 (<$10,000) yet became profitable in the first year. And has generated over Rs $5 million cumulative revenue. And counting.

We’ve also presided over the burial of a company where we burnt through over $8 million in three years.

This has taught us a few expensive lessons.

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What do we think about People? And what kind do we like to have here?

We’ve calculated that the entire infrastructure cost (desk, chair, networking, laptop) of adding one person to one of our companies is under $1,500. Sometimes even under $1,000.

This underlines what we’ve known for years: Our competitive advantage is not infrastructure.

Depending upon the company, our edge is either a technology platform (or project portfolio) and accumulated relationships with clients, partners, and investors.

Whatever way we look at it, our edge is People.


What do we look for in People?

‘Competence’ at their designated responsibility is the first quality we look for in a leader. But a critical ingredient is also ‘Character’
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Why is ‘Culture’ so important?

What is an organization’s culture? It’s been described as a set of values and behavior that make-up the unique psycho-social environment of an organization.
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What Partners Say
Shreyasi Singh
Founder & CEO, Harappa Education
Pankaj Sahni
CEO - Medanta
Hitesh Arora
CTO - Yum Brands
Nitin Jain
CEO - Global Wealth, Edelweiss
Karthi Marshan
Head of Marketing - Kotak Mahindra Group
Kaushik Chakraborty
VP - Digital, Tata Capital
ScreenRoot has been a valued partner and a true friend for Harappa. They are like-minded and like-hearted partners and we will happily work with them over and over again.
It was refreshing to see ScreenRoot's proactive, innovative ideas. Their creatives are top quality. They invested time in understanding our organization's rhythm and were truly involved every step of the way in helping us create our digital presence.
ScreenRoot challenged us to think differently. Their design thinking is fresh, energetic, and scientific.
We wanted Edelweiss.in's user interface to be simple and differentiated. ScreenRoot collaborated with us and designed our radical, fresh website.
ScreenRoot's Insights directed our efforts at creating a radical, non-brochure approach to our website’s doorway… Their approach was driven by functionality, user experience, and aesthetics.
Synapse has been ever-present in all our external communication campaigns – and in the face of high work volumes, have been able to churn out distinct and focused creatives every month. Their level of consistency and inspiring feedback on our communication has helped us improve our email open rates – which also showcases their ability to understand the customer psyche.

Founder’s Note

What in the world are we trying to do

An entrepreneur’s life can be a sub-set of his business. Where every major decision is tailored to the demands of the business. Where you live, how your office looks like, which people you choose to work with or which investors and partners you invite into your life.

Or a venture can be a sub-set of your life. Where the first principles of your life determine the contours of the business.

I first became an entrepreneur when I was about twenty. And my choice has always been the latter.

Gourav Jaswal
Founder & Director
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What we think about life & work

What is Goa but a vibrant celebration of culture, music, and FOOD? Food, glorious food!

I have more than one friend working over 200 hours a month consistently, yet having the most glorious time of their life.

I have about nineteen cousins in my family that has its roots in Himachal Pradesh. Only two are even in a corporate job. Zero are entrepreneurs.

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