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I’m not the CEO of any company. I focus only on a few areas.

I help find and nurture the best Leaders: Identifying, hire, culturally align and nurture the finest CXOs for Prototyze as well as each Venture

I help implement the best Culture. Not just Create the cultural framework and help immerse leaders in it

I help design the best organizational Systems & Processes for both Prototyze + Innerheads as well as each venture. And then ensure that leaders adopt them

I am the final custodian of Standards. To ensure that whatever we do is done to the highest standards realistically possible for us to attain

I help refine the lived Prototyze story. And evangelize it to current and potential employees, investors, clients and partners


To partner with us, work with us, invest with us or just get to know us, write to our Founder and Director, Gourav Jaswal

[email protected]