We’re a Venture Studio

After many interesting twists and turns along the way, Prototyze has evolved into a private ‘Venture Studio’.

This means we are a mini-ecosystem of companies. Each of which is completely independent and has a different business proposition. Yet are bound by the same culture. And watered and fertilized in the same way.

Why? Because we’re focused on improving the process of creating innovation-driven businesses. And minimizing the risks of failure.

Primarily, by providing convenience and cost-efficiency through centralized support services: Finance & Accounting, Corporate Management, People Management, and Facilities Management.

But in addition, by addressing other core areas.

Like strategy. Because one of the most common causes of start-up failure is the absence of a market need. Or a faulty business model.

That’s why, before starting a venture, we try to work on developing a detailed blueprint that outlines a clear proposition. Along with a defined business model and go-to-market plan.


Prototyze also helps in identifying CXOs for the venture, many times at the idea stage itself. And then ensuring that the leaders are immersed in the organization’s culture.

Given the two-decade history of our organization, we have an informal network that can help a fledgling venture sign on clients, investors, and partners faster.

Prototyze has also created—and is constantly refining—a skeleton of systems & processes that almost any nascent venture can use.

Our Finance & Accounts team ensures compliance with Accounting and generates a monthly MIS. It also manages aspects such as Payroll, Taxation, ESOP Management, and so on.

The People Management team manages the entire lifecycle of an employee from Recruitment to Mentoring to Employee Engagement to Exit Management. This ensures that we get the right people at the right cost and right time frame. And also aligns them with the organization’s culture. A culture that enhances their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses (by mandating work-habits, peer-group support, feedback) in the entire journey. Engagement activities help people learn and grow, both personally (through social events) and professionally (through professional events).

What about capital? We have previously catalyzed ventures with outside investment (funds and angel investors) but in the foreseeable future, Prototyze will invest its own money in ventures it catalyzes.